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Caffeine Tolerance

If you’re like me, a cup of coffee doesn’t work quite the way it used to. To get the same boost of energy that one cup you used to have every morning, you know need two. Over time, two becomes three and so on and so on…The same principal can be applied to preworkout, and other products containing caffeine. Why is this? Our bodies adapt to caffeine and become more tolerant to the substance overtime.

Caffeine plays a strong role in most stimulant supplements and one of its effects is increasing adenosine receptor expression. What this means is that the more you take, the more adenosine receptors you have in your nervous system which can contribute to diminishing effects. Adenosine monophosphate may in turn help down regulate adenosine receptor expression as it increases adenosine levels. *

There are ways that you can reset your tolerance to caffeine. Taking a few weeks off of caffeine should help. You can even enhance this process by taking a product such as Gaspari Nutrition’s Adrenocharge which is a stimulant re-sensitizing and adrenal fatigue support supplement.

After I was done competing in shows for the season, I decided to take a two week break from coffee and products containing caffeine. I took my Adrenocharge as directed. I had a noticeable difference when I started drinking coffee again two weeks later. I had more energy from a single cup of coffee of scoop of pre workout. I suggest everyone periodically take a few weeks break from caffeine to re boot the system.



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