Get The Bikini Posing Secrets Of 3 Time Ms. Olympia Bikini

Ashley Kaltwasser shows the posing techniques that made her Ms. Olympia Bikini three years in a row

Hi Ashley here, After winning Ms. Olympia Bikini for the third time this year, I started getting questions such as: "What posing advice can you offer?" If you're someone that's looking at competing, or simply to improve your posture, I've got something special for you! A short while ago, I shot my Glute and Abs Training Programs. Along with that, I decided to also shoot my front, side and back posing instruction videos. You guys wanted something that was to the point. You asked for the key points of my posing techniques. No fluff. Just straight to the point. Finally, it's here.

I’ve created both a Beginner’s and Advanced program. Here are just some of the things you’ll get in the programs:

Beginner's Posing Program

Bikini Posing Intro Video

I provide an introduction to posing. As you know, proper posing techniques can make or break your performance. It’s important that you shine on stage and have personality, setting yourself from everybody else!

Front Pose Video

I demonstrate different variations of the front pose. Since judges are spread out, it’s important to pick more than one pose. Tips such as taking pictures at multiple angles can be used to assess which pose is the best for you

Side Pose Video

The side pose isn’t a mandatory pose, but it really shows off your curves. I provide tips on which side to pose on, placement of your shoulders, and correct arm placement so you aren’t hiding your curves!

Back Pose Video

I demonstrate the 2 best ways to do this effectively. Feet AND toe placement are important to bringing out the glute and hamstring muscles. ‘Booty’ is very important in bikini so you want to keep that in mind.

Advanced Posing Program

Comparison Posing Round Strategy

I demonstrate the standard progression of poses in the Comparison Round, from the standard front and back pose, the S - Curve pose, to alternate side and cross legged back pose

Individual Presentation Techniques

You’ll see my exact posing progression during individual presentation, from the front, transition to back, side, transition to  front and curtsey pose.

Competitive Stage Secrets:

I reveal the A to Z of preparing for a competition, from make up, hair, nail and eyelash tips to avoiding the most common mistakes when it comes to tanning and picking the right suit and shoes. You’ll know exactly what steps to take so not to sabotage your efforts on stage..

Time - Limited Bonus ($197 Value):

Can’t make it out to one of my seminars? I’m going to be shooting a weekend seminar in Costa Rica. I’ll be putting this on sale for $197 when I’m done. For anyone that purchases the Advanced Posing Program, you’ll get access to the posing seminar absolutely FREE when I release it.

BONUS: Ashley's Competition History Interview

Being able to win the Ms. Olympia Bikini wasn't hard. In this interview, I reveal the history of what got me into competing and what it took to qualify and compete .

So how much are these programs going to cost you?

A typical seminar can run you into the 100's of dollars.

I decided to make these programs affordable. Follow each video and access it as often as you'd like.

The Beginner's Posing Program is priced at $49. It's designed to give those just getting started to master the fundamental posing techniques.

The Advanced Posing Program is priced at an affordable $97. For a limited time, I'm throwing in the recordings for my seminar in Costa Rica. I'll be selling that for $197 when I release it . You get that absolutely free when you purchase the Advanced Posing Program.

Order the program of your choice and you'll get access to the member's area. Click the 'buy now' button below!

Beginner's Posing Program

    Bikini Posing Intro Video
    Front Pose Video
    Side Pose Video
    Back Pose Vide